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What we fund

We provide core, unrestricted and project funding to organisations with charitable purposes.

Our current focus areas are increasing the understanding of nutrition and its importance for health amongst health practitioners and reducing childhood obesity.

Nutrition is often an overlooked aspect of medical training and care. Malnutrition problems are on the rise in the UK making nutritional education more essential than ever. Historically AIM has funded several charitable and not-for-profit organisations that are leading the way in medical nutrition.

Within Nutrition for Health and Wellbeing we will fund in different ways to achieve social change.

Changing the system

- intervening at the level of the system, as change here can reach a larger number of people and make a lasting impact. This includes supporting work that changes policy, structures, mindsets and practice including raising the voices of those under-represented, collaborations, awareness raising, advocacy, testing and spreading ways of working, and research.

Strengthening the sector

- by supporting infrastructure bodies that work to support and develop a sector. This includes supporting the professional development of practitioners, funding collaborative working, developing best practice and sharing learning.

Direct support

- recognising that people are struggling here and now. NWF might support the direct work of organisations to improve access to quality food options, including free school meals, in lower income neighbourhoods.


The Trustees will ensure that any research funded is charitable justified and undertaken for the public benefit and not solely or mainly for self-interest or for private or commercial consumption. Results will be disseminated to the public and others able to utilise or benefit from it.

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