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The Nutritional Wellbeing Foundation (NWF) was registered (1203987) in July 2023 to continue the work by  The AIM Foundation in this area.


NWF is now the sole owner of Cytoplan, the pioneer of wholefood and food state supplements in the UK. Over the past 30 years Cytoplan have developed a leading range of multivitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and more, supplying health practitioners and direct to consumers. Cytoplan will provide the funds annually from which the grants will be awarded.

Our current focus areas are increasing the understanding of nutrition and its importance for health amongst health practitioners, and reducing childhood obesity. Nutrition is often an overlooked aspect of medical training and care. Malnutrition problems are on the rise in the UK making nutritional education more essential than ever.

Caroline Marks is Chair and our new Trustee board brings breadth of relevant experience.

The current grant commitments within the Nutritional Wellbeing programme of The AIM Foundation will continue to be funded by the NWF. A strategic review will be undertaken by the new Trustee board in mid to late 2024.

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